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The videos below show you how the practical exam goes and what to watch out for on the exam. You can review everything below. Under 3. The exam ride find a video with 7 tips from the examiner. The exam lasts a total of 55 minutes. It consists of the following components:

1. Before the exam

At the CBR exam center, you will meet the examiner. Who explains how your exam will proceed and checks:
  • the invitation to your exam
  • your proof of identity
  • Whether you passed your theory exam
  • Whether you completed the Self Reflection form; after the exam drive, the examiner will discuss this form with you
In most cases, your instructor may ride with you during the practical exam. Sometimes this is not possible because a second CBR employee is riding along, such as an examiner in training. Your instructor will be present at the initial and final interviews.

2. In the parking lot

  • In the parking lot, take an eye test. You read the license plate of a stationary car about 25 meters away.
  • In preparation for the drive, the examiner may ask you some questions about the car. For example, about checking the engine fluid or the lights on the dashboard.

3. The exam ride

The exam ride lasts about 35 minutes. In part, you drive independently to a particular destination. For the other part, you drive on directions from the examiner. Which checks to see if you are driving safely and independently. This includes paying attention to car control, viewing behavior and yielding the right of way. This applies to all seven exam items. The 7 tips at a glance:

4. The result

Immediately after the ride, you will be told at the CBR exam center whether you have passed.

Did you pass?

Then after the exam day you can apply for your driver’s license at the municipality where you live.

Did you fail?

You will hear from the examiner what you still need to work on for next time. On the results form, you can review that with your instructor. Then start lessons again as soon as possible in preparation for the retake. This proceeds the same as the first exam. Only if you have failed your driving test 4 times or more within 5 years, things are different. Then you get a special exam every subsequent time.

Longer wait after aborted exam

If the examiner cancels your driving test because of traffic hazard behavior, you will face a longer wait. Then you can only retake your exam at the CBR after 6 weeks to bring your driving skills up to standard. Normally the mandatory waiting period is 2 weeks if you have failed. Would you like to be personally advised regarding driving lessons? Then make an appointment for a no-obligation intake interview so we can explain everything about driver training to you. Tel: 077-3515761 Email:

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