Driving anxiety

Overcoming Driving Anxiety

Why do you experience anxiety? Sometimes the cause of a fear or panic is very obvious, but more often there is no obvious cause from your conscious mind and yet there is a fear or panic. This is because anxiety or panic often has another cause or another fear underlying it that can suddenly occur during certain moments. There may also be other assorted (stress-related) factors feeding the (suppressed) anxiety at that point in life. The cause of this fear or panic lies in the subconscious, and there can be all sorts of reasons why you have fear stored in your subconscious. Your subconscious has linked fear to different situations. Every time a similar situation arises, anxiety arises because your subconscious has stored this routine. With our guidance, we help you overcome this fear so you can get back on the road safely.

Do you recognize the following?

  • When I have to drive, the sweat is in my hands….
  • Because of my driving anxiety, I rely on others….
  • When a co-driver sits next to me I feel uncomfortable….
  • I feel so rushed in traffic….
  • While driving, I have strained breathing….
  • I hate driving …
  • I get tense lower legs from driving….
  • I’m too careful in traffic….
  • When I am relaxed, my driving is different
  • I have difficulty overseeing traffic situations….
  • Driving a car gives me a strained neck….
  • Because of my driving anxiety, I feel restricted in my daily life….
  • Because of my driving anxiety, I avoid the car….
  • Because of my fear of driving, I don’t visit people as often as I would like….
  • My driving anxiety makes me insecure….

Do you suffer from driving anxiety?
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