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Motorcycle license practical lessons

In this training we use motorcycles of the type Honda CBF 500(A2) Yamaha MT 07 (A) or for the A1 the type KTM.  

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A 2-hour intest for 92 euros!
(After this, you will receive a customized recommendation)

The course consists of a vehicle control portion (AVB) and a traffic participation portion (AVD).

The vehicle control lessons and exam will be taught and administered on a private property (exam at Truckstop in Blerick). In AVB lessons, you practice all 12 special operations that you can expect on the exam, click here for more explanation of the exercises of the AVB exam. Traffic participation lessons take place, of course, on public roads.

You do not need to provide clothing, gloves and helmet. We have these in all sizes. Your own helmet, gloves and proper footwear is preferred, due to the new safety regulations.

The motorcycle license is divided into three categories

  • Driving license category A1 – from 18 years to 125 cc maximum 11 Kw.
  • Driving license category A2 – from 20 years up to 35 Kw.
  • Driving license category A   – from 21 years unlimited power (Code 80)

When can you take your practical motorcycle test?

From the age of 18, the CBR allows you to take vehicle control and traffic participation exams on a light motorcycle (A1). From the age of 20, you may take an exam on a medium-duty motorcycle (A2). And from the age of 21 on a heavy motorcycle (A).

Several requirements. And you must be declared healthy enough to drive safely.

Validity period theory and AVB
If you take AVB exam, you must have passed your motorcycle theory exam or have a valid B driver’s license.
If you take AVD exam, you must have passed your motorcycle theory exam as well as the AVB practical exam of the same category.

The result of your theory exam is valid for 1.5 years.
The result of your AVB practical exam is valid for 1 year.

Verkeersschool Jan Christis works together with Verkeersschool Ruud Rutten as Motorteam Venlo. This cooperation makes Motorteam Venlo the largest motorcycle driving school in the region and allows us to respond even better to the needs of our students.

See  photo/movie below (Practicing for the AVB exam)

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