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Car driving lessons Venlo

Are provided by our colleagues at Verkeersschool Ruud Rutten

You can also come to us for driving lessons in an automatic. Training will be the same as training in a manual vehicle with separate driving lessons, Intermediate Test and exam.
We currently give automatic driving lessons in a Volkswagen Polo and since 2021 they have access to an all-new Volkswagen ID3 (electric).

  • This car is electric and thus very environmentally friendly. (No harmful C02 emissions)
  • Has very great ride comfort and is whisper quiet.
  • This car drives much sportier and smoother than traditional cars.
  • Equipped with the latest gadgets including Adaptive Cruise Control, Park Distance Control (Parking Sensors), Lane Assist, Natural Voice Control (voice control) and much more!

Would you also like to meet our new Volkswagen ID3 or are you curious about the options for driving lessons in an automatic? Feel free to contact us or make an appointment for a no-obligation intake meeting so we can explain everything about driver training to you. During this conversation, we will also listen to your wishes in order to tailor the training to your needs.

Do you want to take driving lessons in automatic?
Please feel free to contact us!