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Moped Theory (driving license AM)

Before you can take the moped practical exam, you take theory exams at the CBR. This is allowed for ages 15.5 and up. On your theory exam, you show that you know traffic rules and have traffic insight. This way you can safely hit the road. The course includes all types of exam questions that may be asked on the exam. That way, your chances of passing the moped certificate in one sitting are the highest.

You may take the practical lessons and the practical exam from your 16th birthday. So be sure to start your theory lessons early so you can take your practical exam soon after your 16th birthday.

Our courses are held on different dates/times.

Starting dates for subsequent theory courses:

Regular: 5 class evenings + theory exam (2.5 weeks)

Rush: 2 teaching days + theory exam (1 week)

Starting dates for subsequent theory courses:

Due to the changes regarding enhanced measures Corona , please contact our office for the dates and times of the next moped theory courses.

What kind of questions will you get during your theory exam?

In the theory exam for car, motorcycle and moped, you will encounter different types of questions. These may include:

  • the drag question;
  • the single-sleep question;
  • the fill-in-the-blank question;
  • the hotspot question;
  • the yes/no question;
  • the multiple-choice question.

Want to know what these questions look like? Look here for an example of each type of question

The video below shows all the steps you need to take at the exam center.

If you fail the exam, you may retake the course at our expense (excluding retake).

Do you need guidance for theory?
Please feel free to contact us!