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Moped Driving Lessons Venlo

Of course, we offer driver’s license training for this category. During this practical training we prepare you with our own mopeds and instructors for the CBR practical exam.

What is the most beautiful, cheapest and fastest way?
You sign up with us around age 15.5 to prepare for the theory exam. This way, you will have your driver’s license well before your 16th birthday! Then all the lights are green to schedule a practical exam sometime around your birthday.

Want to get your practical training super fast? Then inquire about the possibilities within a day course!

To participate in the practical part, you must have a valid theory certificate. You must also have reached the minimum age of 16 for the practical part.

The video below shows how the practical exam goes. Below the video you can read the steps again in brief.

The exam lasts a total of 45 minutes. It consists of the following components:

1. Before the exam

At the CBR exam center, you will meet the examiner. Who explains how your exam will proceed and checks:

Then the examiner will give you a receiver. This allows you to hear what you need to do on the go.

2. The exam ride

The exam ride lasts about 25 minutes. You drive on directions from the examiner. Who rides his own moped after you. Your instructor may also ride along on his moped.

What does the examiner pay attention to:

  • master the moped
  • Do you apply traffic rules properly
  • you can keep up with traffic at the right speed
  • shows you where to ride the moped
  • keep it safe for yourself and other road users

3. The result

Immediately after the ride, you will be told at the CBR exam center whether you have passed.

Did you pass?

Then after the exam day you can apply for your driver’s license at the municipality where you live.

Did you fail?

You will hear from the examiner what you still need to work on for next time. On the results form, you can review that with your instructor. Then start lessons again as soon as possible in preparation for the retake. This proceeds the same as the first exam.

Do you need guidance for theory?
Please feel free to contact us!